Chakrubs: The Greatest Discovery in the Area of Sacred Sexuality ~ A Review by K. B.

Chakrubs: The greatest discovery in the area of sacred sexuality.

I was actually told by my angels during meditation to go to the Chakrub website and purchase a Sacral Chakrub. After using several overpowering latex items I quickly felt an abyss between achieving sexual satisfaction and sexual sacredness. And although I would actually hold and have crystals in my area at the time of sexual moments I would still use latex to “get off.”

Sensing my desire to awaken the Kundalini spirit correctly, I was directed to purchase a Sacral Chakrub. I have always had a strong sexual nature, and it is the “nature” side that has taken me to greater heights of sexual satisfaction. I have many orgasms in nature as it really provides a deeper connectedness to the Earth ~ Sky ~ Heaven.

When my Sacral Chakrub arrived, I noticed immediately the energy connected to it. I eagerly awaited for the right moment to arrive so that I could feel the intensity of the energy.

Early in my life I discovered, quite excitedly, that men also have a G-spot. And interestingly enough I actually got quite turned on thinking how the Sacral Chakrub would align with my G-spot. When the correct moment did arrive, I gathered all the necessary items to begin, i.e. coconut oil, aphrodisiacs, chocolate, and now my Chakrub. As I looked into the forest I felt the power of the Earth begin to move over me. I did my ceremony of invoking the spirits into my body, and solicited the Kundalini serpent to awaken in a mighty way. I noticed rather quickly the Sacral Chakrub did not require as much, if any lubrication. At the right moment, I inserted the Chakrub and my body welcomed the new lover with an eager anticipation. The warmth of the Chakrub inside me heated my entire body and the Kundalini serpent awakened so much quicker than previously. The experience of an organic crystal penetrating my organic body was electrifying. Knowing I was truly in alignment enjoying a truly “natural” experience was very exciting. All kinds of feelings and emotions from primal to sacred occurred.

I could have exploded but I just wanted to let the gyration of my hips massage my G-spot with my new lover. Waves of sexual feelings flooded my entire body as I was shaking with the Kundalini serpent moving through my entire body.

In what seemed like hours, I kept utilizing the Egyptian form of sexuality called “anking” forcing the serpent to move in my heated body. The connection was incredible!! The anking cycled my excitement until I multiorgasmed in full and total sexual bliss.

The Sacral Chakrub has completed the cycle of finding the perfect item to balance out a true sexual sacredness. The Kundalini serpent loves the natural, organic crystal and responds so much more quicker and effectively when all aspects of organic sexuality comes into alignment.

The message to the Chakrubs family: Throw away all latex and awaken the Kundalini serpent so that sexual healing and a deeper, more intimate relationship can occur with your lover, or more importantly, I believe, your private self.

Thank you Vanessa ~ your contribution has been ordained from above.

Eternal (sexual) bliss,


Feature Image by Cecilia Di Paolo