An Introduction to Sex Magic with Chakrubs

It’s no secret that sexual energy can be potent. How many times has it convinced us to pursue an ill-advised lover, or resulted in out-of-character behavior? With sex magic, we can learn to take control of that energy and use it in purposeful ways.

To put it simply, sex magic occurs when one harnesses energy through sexual rituals and activities for the purpose of achieving a particular outcome. The roots of sex magic are sprawling and highly debated, with many crediting the ancient Hinduist and Buddhist traditions that tantra stems from. Controversial occultist Aleister Crowley is often thought to be the father of the sex magic movement, though much of his work is considered misogynistic and racist by today’s standards. Before Aleister Crowley there was Paschal Beverly Randolph, a poor, self-taught Black man who began to teach sex magic in the United States in the mid-19th century after traveling through the Middle East. Randolph believed that sexual power could be used to channel divine insight, but also to solve common problems related to physical health, financial success, or attracting a new lover. As Randolph’s teachings crossed the pond to Europe, practitioners opened themselves up to homosexuality and masturbation. It’s likely that Randolph, who believed sex should be reserved for the sacred union of marriage, would balk at the varied ways we express sex magic today.

For those looking to acquaint themselves with sex magic, Chakrubs are the perfect tool to begin your practice. After all, crystals are vessels for and containers of mass amounts of energy, just like metals that conduct electricity. Choose a Chakrub based on what you’re looking to manifest. For example, if you’re looking to release emotional attachment, old relationship wounds, or heal from past trauma, The Original Xaga would be a good choice as black obsidian helps absorb negative energy and provides strength as we navigate difficult situations. If you’re looking to attract love, The Heart, a rose quartz, will help open your heart chakra and increase your receptivity.

Sex magic can be practiced partnered or solo, but those who are just beginning their practice may prefer to begin alone and work their way up, as the experience will be more intense and possibly overwhelming with a partner. To start, decide on an intention and begin the ritual of cleansing your space. This could include smudging, essential oils, bathing with your Chakrub, or lighting candles. You might even try playing some sensual music or putting on lingerie depending on how it serves your intention. As you do these things, continue focusing on your intention. You can even try repeating a mantra either out loud or in your head.

Because you are using the energy that builds up before and during your orgasm to manifest, you’ll want to prolong foreplay as long as possible. Begin slowly and warm up your Chakrub by caressing it against your body. Linger on certain chakras depending on what you’re working through. The sacral chakra, located a few inches below the bellybutton, is considered our pleasure vortex, the place where creativity and enjoyment originate.

If necessary, use coconut oil as a lubricant. Once you’re ready, allow your Chakrub to enter you slowly. Flex your kegels to fully embrace your Chakrub and draw it further inside of you. Take your time and begin to visualize what you hope to manifest. Surrender yourself to the fantasy, and speak affirmations aloud as though they have already been achieved. Try an edging technique where you allow yourself to approach orgasm and then pull back (either slow the pace or gently remove the Chakrub and take a few deep breaths) to build on your arousal and sexual energy. When you’re ready to climax, hold the desired image in your mind and if you’re able to, try to speak a word or phrase that encompasses what you are seeking.

Don’t rush to remove your Chakrub after you’ve reached orgasm. You can allow it to remain inside of you for a few minutes as you bask in the afterglow. You might laugh or cry as feelings of ecstasy continue washing over you. Try placing your hand over your sacral chakra to show gratitude and replenish some of your energy. You can even try shifting into a meditation as the orgasm will leave you feeling more relaxed and open.

As you begin working with sex magic, it is best to focus on one intention and only move on after you’ve seen evidence that it is being manifested. Optionally, you can practice with a partner who can guide your chakrub while you focus on your intention and repeat affirmations in unison for double the potency. You can even incorporate astrology by practicing during an auspicious planetary alignment or the full moon.

In a world that shames us for embracing sexuality and pleasure, sex magic is the ultimate rebellion. It allows us to tap into the source power within ourselves to manifest our wildest dreams.

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Danielle Dorsey is a Southern California native and holds a B.A in English Literature from Cal State LA. She’s a full-time freelance writer and gravitates towards subjects such as social justice and activism, arts and culture, music, and current events. When she’s not writing, Danielle moonlights as a tarot reader and burgeoning astrologist. For more information, visit

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Author: Danielle Dorsey
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