Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign Deals with Change

Human beings, in general, are resistant to change. It triggers that caveman part of our brain that interprets any variance from the norm as danger and immediately goes into survival mode. That’s one reason why it can be so difficult to break long-held habits, even if you’re consciously aware of how detrimental they might be. At one point that behavior served a purpose and it takes a lot of gentleness and easing in to help our brain chemistry accept that a new habit is worth investing in.

Then there are those on the other end of the spectrum, who jump into change without care or caution, using it as a form of escapism or denial. Just as there are times when we must evolve, there are also times when we must commit to course and remain consistent. The goal is to be present so that we can discern what a situation is asking from us.

Often the easiest way to embrace change is to accept what is. It might sound counterproductive, but it is only by acknowledging what is real and what is true that we can hope to shift it.

Read your sun, rising, and moon signs below to learn more about your tendencies towards change.


As the cardinal fire sign that kicks off the astrological year, Aries excels at initiating action and charging forward. Cardinal signs, which mark the beginning of each season, tend to be a bit more comfortable with change — as long as they’re the ones initiating it. Aries is driven and nearly impossible to stop when they set their sights on a goal, but they can also be too proud to change strategy when it is needed. This can result in a crash and burn that could have been avoided if they’d taken the time to slow down or listen to well-meaning outside opinion.

The best way for Aries to warm up to change is to slow down and maybe even step away from a situation to give themselves a wider perspective. Create a pros and cons list to circumvent the ego and understand why this shift is in your best interest.


Not only is Taurus a fixed sign, a modality that occurs in the middle of a season and tends towards stubbornness, but it’s symbolized by the bull, a formidable animal that you’d hate to anger and is physically difficult to move. Taurus is similarly set in their ways and will cling to their comfort zone long beyond its effectiveness.

Ruled by Venus, the sign of love, beauty, and value, Taurus is a sign that loves luxury and the finer things in life. Tempt Taurus to change by showing them how it will enrich their life in a physical way. They can also ramp up their self-care to make transitions go smoother.


Mutable air sign Gemini is constantly changing their mind. Mutable signs mark the end of each season, making them more skilled at closing chapters and moving on. Symbolized by the twins, it’s in Gemini’s nature to bridge dualities and find connection in unlikely places. Their challenge is to remain steady in their thoughts and actions, to be intentional instead of impulsive about the changes they manifest. Gemini has to find ways to keep their mind engaged so they don’t get bored and can give projects an adequate amount of time to flourish before moving onto something else.


A cardinal sign ruled by the element of water, Cancer is a creature of comfort that can be defensive when provoked. Cancer is very invested in their home environment and takes the time to make sure it’s a space where they can be at peace and truly themselves. They bristle when that peace is threatened and changes that uproot their home or family life tend to be the most difficult to weather.

Cancer can ease into change by reinforcing the environments and behaviors that make them feel the most secure and stable. Even if they’re seeking a dramatic shift, it’s more likely to last if they approach it slowly and carefully rather than jumping right in. It might even help to have some sort of anchor or object (perhaps a crystal companion) that can help ground them through the changes.


Fixed fire sign Leo can be stubborn, as is the case for most fixed signs, but they’re also naturally curious and courageous, and tapping into that heart-centered strength can help them embrace change. Leos are motivated to become their best, most authentic self and changes that put them on that path will be received more willingly.

It might be difficult for Leo to accept change that’s at the hands of someone else — especially if it seems in opposition of what they want for themselves. Sometimes things are outside of our control and there’s nothing to do but surrender into the flow.


The sensual earth sign of Virgo is probably the most committed of the mutable signs and loves to reap the rewards of their hard work. That’s not to say they are motivated solely by the end result, but speaks more to their ability to break ambitious goals down into clear, actionable plans.

Because Virgo is so detail-oriented, not much gets by them and the need for change can sometimes catch them by surprise. This sign is likely to embrace change if they can be convinced it’s ultimately the best course of action.


Libra, like their air sign cousin Gemini, is also prone to changing their mind (notice a theme?). This cardinal sign is symbolized by the scales, which speaks to their need for balance and equilibrium. Libra is constantly seeking to make decisions that will bring harmony into their lives.

Change doesn’t necessarily intimidate Libra, but they can get stalled over what type of changes to make and struggle to commit to them. Learning to trust their own wisdom and not second guess themselves is the key to getting Libra to make necessary changes.


As well as you might think you know a Scorpio, there are several (if not more) layers beneath the face they present to the world. This fixed water sign is known for its intensity and tireless quest for truth. Scorpio understands change as an inevitable circumstance, but can still be stubborn when it comes to applying that to themselves.

To make change more attractive to a Scorpio, show them how it will help them see a situation more clearly. If change is necessary in order to go deeper in understanding or reveal a hidden truth, Scorpio is more likely to get on board.


Symbolized by the archer, the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius is known for their optimism and long view. They are idealistic and not afraid to dream big, but can often get distracted when it comes to implementing their vision. Like Gemini, which sits across from Sagittarius on the astrological wheel, Sagittarius’ challenge is not necessarily a fear of change, but a lack in discipline to see changes through.

It’s important for Sagittarius to be connected to the “why” of something in order for them to commit. If they can link a change to a larger purpose or ideal, it becomes easier for them to achieve.


Represented by the sea goat, Capricorn thrives off of challenges and excels at scaling the peaks others wouldn’t dare climb. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorns are great initiators and agents of change. Like other earth signs, Capricorn can be stubborn and will sometimes hold onto something long beyond its usefulness just to prove a point (most likely to themselves).

At the end of the day, Capricorns are incredibly smart workers and will lean into change if it will save them time, energy, or is the obvious better option.


Because they’re associated with the element of air and known for being innovative thinkers, people often perceive Aquarius as being open to change. This can be true, but their fixed modality means that they hold tight to their ideals and are difficult to budge on matters of ethics or morals.

Aquarius are motivated by the big picture. If you can convince them that a change is for the greater good, they are more likely to resign to its wisdom. Talking something out can help Aquarius process the changes that are needed.


Pisces just might be the sign that’s most amenable to change. That’s because this mutable water sign understands that nothing remains the same and our worlds are in constant flux. Just like its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces knows that the key to staying afloat in rough tides is to surrender to the flow.

It’s Pisces desire for connection that sometimes lands them in trouble and allows them to be influenced into adopting changes that are not in their best interest. It’s important for them practice discernment so they are not led astray.

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Author: Danielle Dorsey
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