February Chakrubscopes and Signs of Growth

As of February 1, we’re halfway through winter and well on our way to the beginning of spring (the opposite is true if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). This midpoint between seasons is celebrated as Imbolc in Pagan traditions, with participants hosting bonfires and cleansing their homes as they call in the abundance of spring. Cold, dreary weather can diminish any spirit and Imbolc serves as a reminder that warmer, brighter days are ahead.

As we look forward to the new growth of spring, we might also find a spark simmering within. The dreams we’ve spent the winter months refining are almost ready to take shape in the physical world. On February 4, a new moon in Aquarius encourages us to be innovative and inclusive as we envision the future.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s difficult to avoid the constant messaging around love and romance. Instead of feeling resentful, let it be an opportunity to evaluate how you are in relationship to yourself and others. Remind yourself through loving acts that you are capable of fulfilling all your needs — a partner is meant to complement your life, not complete it.

The sun moves into the receptive waters of Pisces on February 19, further inspiring you to visualize the upcoming growth of spring. In its highest expression, Pisces is collaborative, imaginative, and creative. In its lowest expression, this mutable water sign is co-dependent, confused, and prone to escapism. Balance an open mind with appropriate discernment and you’ll make it through Pisces season just fine.

A Virgo full moon arrives on the same day, asking us to get into the nitty-gritty details of our 2019 plans. This is a great time to reassess health goals or outline spring projects.

Chakrubscopes are a unique combination of astrology, crystal healing, and tarot wisdom, with affirmations to support you throughout the month. Please read your sun, moon, and rising signs if you know them.

Art is from the Dark Days Tarot Deck created by artist and witch Wren McCurdo.


Page of Cups

Affirmation: My cup remains full when I honor the flow of my feelings.

Support stone: Amethyst will get you in touch with your intuition.


The Emperor

Affirmation: I am dedicated to the sustainable growth of my kingdom.

Support stone: Carnelian will motivate you to stay on course.


Ace of Pentacles

Affirmation: I trust in my ability to manifest the wealth I seek.

Support stone: Green aventurine will attract luck into your life.


King of Cups

Affirmation: My emotional capacity expands through fervent self-love.

Support stone: Rose quartz will help soften your heart and encourage compassion.


Page of Wands

Affirmation: I am supported as I embark on a new creative journey.

Support stone: Tiger’s Eye will be a supportive talisman as you brave the unknown.


Seven of Wands

Affirmation: I am grateful for obstacles that enhance my resiliency.

Support stone: Black obsidian will offer protection as you overcome challenges.


Six of Pentacles

Affirmation: Collaboration and generosity help me defeat lack mentality.

Support stone: Fluorite has a gentle healing effect and helps calm anxiety.


Nine of Cups

Affirmations: I recognize myself as worthy of receiving my deepest wishes.

Support stone: Quartz will adapt its qualities to suit your intention.


Knight of Pentacles

Affirmations: I steer my steed in the direction of my dreams.

Support stone: Citrine will give you the confidence to follow your desires.


Two of Swords

Affirmations: A balanced mind allows me to step confidently into the future.

Support stone: Selenite connects you with intuition and clears clutter from the mind.


Three of Wands

Affirmations: My potential is magnified when I join with kindred spirits.

Support stone: Red jasper will ground your ego as you work in cooperation with others.


Knight of Wands

Affirmations: When logic fails me, I let hope carry me the rest of the way.

Support stone: Amazonite will open your heart to new possibilities.

Feature Image of Jean-Talon by MYCOZE

Author: Danielle Dorsey
About: Danielle Dorsey is a regular Chakrubs contributor who writes our monthly tarotscopes, new moon rituals, Chakrubs Current and edits most of Chakrubs editorial content. She is a freelance writer whose words have appeared in GirlBoss, LAist, Travel Noire, Lonely Planet, and more. Danielle has five years experience as a tarot reader and is a certified reiki master in Usui and Tibetan techniques. Danielle’s work centers around ancestral healing and helping those with marginalized identities achieve peace and wholeness. To check out Danielle’s writings visit DanielleDorky.com and for more information about her tarot and reiki offerings visit tarotviews.com.