Erotic Embodiment: Journey Through the Senses Workshop Recap

A few days after Valentine’s Day and just before a super full moon in Virgo, we joined in community for an erotic journey through the senses. Our journey was co-led by Chakrubs Creative Director, Jenny Sotelo, lead contributor Danielle Dorsey, and sexologist and erotic embodiment coach Dr. Vixenne at NAVEL’s gorgeous loft space in Downtown LA.

We began our practice with introductions and by sharing what brought us to the workshop and what we hoped to gain. We sealed in our intentions with a sample of decadent dark chocolate to tantalize our taste buds and help us mindfully enter the space. We then passed out stargazer lilies to stimulate scent, but quickly found that it felt just as enticing when the petals were gently grazed against our skin.

From there we did a crystal healing meditation adapted from Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia’s book Crystal Healing Sacred Pleasure. Once everyone was lying down in a comfortable butterfly position, we passed out tumbled sunstones and guided them through a meditation that lit up their pleasure center. Sunstone is a crystal of vitality and joy, one that stimulates warmth and helps those who have difficulty saying no reclaim their power. Attendees were encouraged to intuit their own prescription for what the stone could help them with. We like to remind those who do not identify with the mystical aspect of crystal healing that simply assigning an intention or meaning to a crystal can be a supportive practice in itself. As we caressed the stone with our eyes, we paid attention to the feelings and thoughts its colors elicited in us. We rubbed its smooth surface and felt its weight in our hands before placing it a couple inches below our belly button where the sacral chakra resides.

This meditation served as a warm-up for the longer, more in-depth chakra meditation led by Dr. Vixenne. She began at the crown chakra and worked her way down, offering suggestions for different types of breath and referencing the themes, sound, and color of each chakra to help us experience it more fully.

We ended our workshop with five minutes of silent savoring followed by another bite of chocolate to help us return to the space. Those who were comfortable shared how the experience moved them.

One thing that came up in our post-workshop conversation was the power of subtle sensual energy. Trailing a flower petal against the skin can be just as evocative as any other foreplay if we are open and willing to pay attention. We hope that our workshop inspired you to keep exploring your erotic potential and we look forward to hosting more workshops that help you embody the fullest version of YOU

A little note from Dr. V:

If you are interested in a similar, albeit less structured/guided erotic practice, I host a monthly OYoga/Erotic Embodiment Practice in LA. We meet every 2nd Sunday of the month in Lincoln Heights and our next workshop will be on Sunday, March 10th at 7:30pm.

Additional resources:

Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure by Vanessa Cuccia

Urban Tantra by Barbara Carellas

Dr. Vixenne’s website 

See below a handout on the Chakra System that we gave out at the workshop:

Feature Image by Alexandra Kacha