March Chakrubscopes & Shedding Your Winter Coat

Sprouting blossoms and gradually longer days tease the return of spring, but before we leap into the season of growth, let us first sit in observance of what has been transformed or released. With the sun, Mercury, and Neptune all swimming in the school of Pisces, we are encouraged to process our wintertime lessons in a winding, spiralic fashion that places emphasis on our dreams, intuitions, and creativity.

On March 6, a new moon in Pisces encourages you to Marie Kondo your spiritual life by reaffirming the practices that spark joy and connection. The recent popularity of certain spiritual and metaphysical trends can trick you into believing that you need an Instagram-worthy spread in order to achieve enlightenment. Strengthen your intentions with daily actions that fill your cup and nourish your soul.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces for most of the month and while it’s not the best time to jump into a new relationship, sign contracts, or release a new product, it is a great time for brainstorming, vision boarding, or committing to a new creative outlet.

On March 20, a full moon in Libra gently initiates us into a new astrological year. Ruled by Venus, this Libra full moon asks us to expand our definitions of beauty and remove that which threatens our inner peace. As we welcome the spring equinox the following day, consider what might act as a fertilizer in your garden of personal growth.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. Please read your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.

Deck by Dark Days Tarot.


Nine of Pentacles

Affirmation: Breaking the chains of attachment helps me call in the abundance I deserve.

Support stone: Amazonite will attract prosperity while encouraging authentic expression.


Seven of Pentacles

Affirmation: Focused attention and observation help me determine which path to pursue.

Support stone: Carnelian will help you move forward with intention.


Three of Swords

Affirmation: Confusion is a vehicle that helps me identify and integrate inner knowing.

Support stone: Quartz will cleanse your energy and provide clarity of mind.


High Priestess

Affirmation: Investing in my spirituality gives me access to endless wisdom.

Support stone: Amethyst will help you tune into your intuition and higher knowing.


The Star

Affirmation: I soak in the nourishing waters of self-care so that I may emerge renewed.

Support stone: Rose quartz is a nurturing stone that will boost self-confidence and love.


Queen of Cups

Affirmation: My inner worlds possess a wealth of resources for me to find strength from.

Support stone: Green aventurine enhances optimism and attracts wealth.


Two of Pentacles

Affirmation: I root myself in gratitude to find presence in moments of overwhelm.

Support stone: Girasol is a gentle stone that inspires reflection and clear communication.


Ace of Swords

Affirmation: The potential of a new idea helps me see what abundance is available to me.

Support stone: White jasper provides eases discomfort after loss and encourages inner peace.


Seven of Swords

Affirmation: I am gentle in re-assembling my heart as I heal from disappointment or loss.

Support stone: Obsidian will offer protection on your healing journey.


Three of Pentacles

Affirmation: I recognize my sacred purpose in the grand scheme of the universe.

Support stone: Red jasper will stimulate the root chakra and ignite your passion.


The Hierophant

Affirmation: A strong connection to my values helps me rewrite traditions that no longer fit.

Support stone: Black tourmaline provides clarity and grounds spiritual energies.


Two of Wands

Affirmation: Committing to a path of fulfillment proves how creative and courageous I can be.

Support stone: Serpentine encourages enlightenment by activating kundalini energy.

Feature Image by La’Shaunae Steward

Author: Danielle Dorsey
About: Danielle Dorsey is a regular Chakrubs contributor who writes our monthly tarotscopes, new moon rituals, Chakrubs Current and edits most of Chakrubs editorial content. She is a freelance writer whose words have appeared in GirlBoss, LAist, Travel Noire, Lonely Planet, and more. Danielle has five years experience as a tarot reader and is a certified reiki master in Usui and Tibetan techniques. Danielle’s work centers around ancestral healing and helping those with marginalized identities achieve peace and wholeness. To check out Danielle’s writings visit and for more information about her tarot and reiki offerings visit