New Meditation Track From Vanessa Cuccia – “Faithfull”

“Faithfull” is the first meditation track I am releasing through Chakrubs. This is a short meditation that I feel brings the listener to a state of relaxation but activates creative thoughts. I’ve titled it Faithfull because I want the listener to have a sense of faith that there are energies at work to help inspire you at any moment.

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Author: Vanessa Cuccia
About: Vanessa Cuccia is the founder and creator of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company, and author of Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure. She is regarded as a pioneer in the sex toy industry for introducing her methods of using crystals for sexual healing and empowerment on a global scale. As a certified crystal healer and reiki practitioner, she continues to pursue knowledge of crystals and metaphysical modes of healing to help those who have experienced sexual trauma or simply wish to deepen pleasure and connection to self, spirit, and others.