An Exercise for Releasing Resentment

One can practice forgiveness as a means of releasing resentment from the body. The thing about resentment is that it festers and it is an energetic way for someone to retain control over your body, your experiences, and your psyche. The person you are releasing resentment towards may not be deserving of your forgiveness, but it is important to know that forgiveness is not for the person who hurt you, it is for YOU. It is so you can release the hold that the experience still has on you. It is so you can begin to release the darkness of the trauma and teach your muscles new feelings, like pleasure, ecstasy, bliss, and joy. You never even have to communicate with that person that you “forgave” them if you don’t want to.

The more attention you put towards an intention, the stronger it becomes. Setting the space for this as a ritual may help the energetic work come through stronger. Do whatever resonates for you.

  1. Think about someone who you feel resentment towards.
  2. Write down three negative things about them or about the way they treated you.
  3. Now, imagine them through a different lens – think about them in the way someone who loves them unconditionally, thinks about them, such as their mother or another family member.
  4. Write down 3 positive things about that person, perhaps what this person who loves them would say about them.
  5. After writing this, close your eyes and try to sense the areas in the body where this person still has a hold on you. Find the dark corners where their violence lingers, where the resentment still lays. Bring your attention to these areas.
  6. Now imagine the person, picture them in your mind, and imagine their silhouette filling up with a pure golden light, no darkness shrouds this person, they are pure gold, you see them and no negative feelings arise. You cannot see any of the dark because they are so engulfed in light.
  7. Now bring your attention back to all those dark corners in the body, and imagine all of these places filling in with that pure golden light. 
  8. Visualize the golden rays powerfully shoot out of your body. 
  9. See what happens next, but perhaps you can visualize that person leaving your body, their holds coming off, and their body shooting down a tunnel, completely away from you, and into an abyss.

After this physical release you may feel more able to pursue other areas of healing that you previously lacked insight towards, such as physical health issues. Trauma truly holds itself in the body and muscular memory, and it is important to bring this back into alignment, but it’s important to acknowledge that it is an ongoing process and that you may spend your entire life healing from certain events.

Feature image – By Alexandra Kacha

Author: Jenny Sotelo
About: Jenny Sotelo (she/her) is a designer and dancer residing in Los Angeles and has been Chakrubs' Creative Director since 2017. She also holds her RYT Yoga Teacher training certificate and Reiki II certification. She currently works remotely for Chakrubs and also participates in various performance art opportunities and holds guided meditations around Los Angeles.