Chiron and Shadow Work: Healing Through Sex and the Stars

La petite mort” is a French expression meaning “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness”. In 2021, this expression often is interpreted in relation to the sensation of post orgasm as likened to death.

Quite literally, we’ve deemed that sex leads to death.

The global culture surrounding sex has typically been shrouded in mystery, much like death and dying have been relegated to specific confines, both physically on Earth and in our subconscious minds. Yet everyone knows “sex sells” and is everpresent in societies around the world, just as death has its own part to play in the global economy.

What does it say about us that we’re having sex and dying. . . but don’t really want to (or know how to) talk about either?

Likely, among an infinite number of potential things, it means that we’re afraid. Both sex and death are intimately part of our human experience, but we’re hardwired to avoid the pain of confronting them directly. 

Rather than take “la petite mort” just a bit further, and recognize that sex leads to death. . . but then that death ultimately leads to REBIRTH, we stop before we realize that healing is part of the equation.


Perhaps we can we begin to confront our layered relationships with sex by confronting our shadow selves. Because if we uncover what’s hidden, aren’t we then able to work to release it, heal it, and be reborn?

This could explain why some people are able to express their sexuality positively and openly, while others grapple with it on an infinite number of complicated spectrums and feel repressed by it in some way.

Shadow work is necessary if we desire freedom from the things that hold us back.

Shadow work and ultimate “healing” are very personal journeys and require different strategies for different people. It’s never one size fits all, because trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s available to everyone if we’re willing to work through the process.

And while healing isn’t something that can be “solved” or “proven” by any one orgasm, theory, doctor, doctor prescribed medication, or mystic— perhaps astrology can provide a helpful framework for diving a bit deeper. 



Astrology, along with many other spiritual mediums, recognizes that life is nonbinary and cyclical. Sex, like death, can be mysterious and scary and overwhelming. But it can also be clear and promising and full of love. Often with all of these experiences unfolding simultaneously.

So, how can astrology help us with shadow work and the healing journey?


STEP ONE: Locate “Chiron” in your birth chart.*

*There are many websites that offer free access to your birth chart. If you prefer to work with a professional, book a reading with a reputable astrologer.

Chiron isn’t a planet, but a small asteroid that hangs out between Saturn and Uranus. Because of its location, you could experience it as a bridge from the seen (Saturn is the last visible planet) to the unseen (Uranus is the first invisible planet). 

It represents “The Wounded Healer” in astrology and can be used like a bridge to discover areas that hold deep, and often unconscious, trauma in our lives. 


STEP TWO: Recognize that Chiron represents a unique healing portal.

The sign, house, and degree Chiron lives within your birth chart can indicate the specific type of healing you might be confronting.

Think of Chiron as you in the performer archetype. The different placements of Chiron have different representations. The sign your Chiron is placed in is the role you’re playing in this situation. The house it’s in represents the setting. And the degree it rests in can be interpreted as the age at which something happens to activate it all. 


  • Chiron: The Wounded Healer AKA You
  • Sign: Cancer
  • House: 12th
  • Degree: 29


  • At or around age 29 (degree) I will be confronted with the need to heal a deep wound (Chiron) around my sensitivities to making a home (Cancer) in the “real world” versus only nurturing my proclivities for the unseen and spiritual realms (12th house).

If you choose to enter the specific portal laid out by your Chiron aspects, you will access a plethora of ways to integrate your shadow self and release old trauma.


STEP THREE: Integrate Chiron’s teachings to heal your deepest wounds.

This isn’t easy work, which is why there’s still so much trauma in the world. It’s scary and unnatural to willingly confront pain. Think about Peter Pan. He was absolutely horrified by his shadow and didn’t want anything to do with it. It was quite frequently detached from his body entirely and hidden elsewhere in a dresser. But what else do we know about Peter Pan? He was never able to grow up. He was trapped in Neverland.

This is where sex may come into play, and specifically, the Chakrubs Shadow Line. While it’s never the “answer” on its own accord, the cyclical process of sex is a nice reminder that the healing journey is never perfect or linear. 


STEP FOUR: Rebirth by repeating this cyclical journey forever!

You’re never fully healed, because like sex and death, it’s all process. Try to enjoy it as much as possible and just keep going.

So, while “la petite mort” is a cute euphemism for your next amazing orgasm, we might also now say that on a much deeper level, it’s also about healing by releasing. And thus ultimately embracing the process of being reborn.

Feature image by: Alexandra Kacha

Author: Erin Sunday
About: Erin Sunday is an intuitive writer, astrologer, and Tarot reader. She believes magic is around every corner if we’re open to co-creating with the Universe. Through her business, TBH Magic, she sparks both philosophical and political conversations through a metaphysical lens. If you’re looking for a safe space to explore sexuality, art, and all things esoteric, connect with Erin @tbhmagic on Instagram, or to book a reading.