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Messages From Your Sun Sign on Returning To Yourself

There are always periods in life when we feel far from ourselves and our deepest essence of truth. This is a natural rhythm of being human to move away from ourselves in order to integrate the next lesson of becoming. But sometimes, we all need a little support in coming back home. The sun sign of your zodiac chart can serve as a guide to return to yourself. The sun is after all the representation of the highest version of ourselves that we are destined to step into in this lifetime.

We have asked the Tarot what message each zodiac sign needs to return to their core essence at this moment in time. Read below to find your support stone to work with and affirmation to incorporate into your daily practice.

Readings are written using the Sacred Symbol Oracle Deck created by artist Marcella Kroll. You are encouraged to meditate on the symbols of the cards to receive additional intuitive guidance. Another way to work with this wisdom is to reflect on how you relate to the word(s) associated with your oracle card. Take note of your initial response and then look up the term(s) in a dictionary to go deeper into its medicine.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. You can read for each of your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.




Affirmation: I combat doubt and insecurity by returning to myself and the resources within.

Support stone: Amethyst will provide clarity and open intuitive channels.



Affirmation: I lovingly release that which hinders my growth so that I may embrace expansion.

Support stone: Green aventurine will allow you to see the opportunities in your challenges.



Affirmation: I soothe overwhelm by returning to the steady support of my breath.

Support stone: Rose quartz will help you remain centered and calm.


Divine Masculine

Affirmation: I balance my nurturing and protective nature with inspired action and unshakeable resolve.

Support stone: Carnelian will help you embrace healthy masculine qualities.



Affirmation: When I lead with my heart my direction remains clear.

Support stone: Clear quartz will purify your aura and offer protection from negativity.



Affirmation: I turn my focus inward so that my attention does not stray.

Support stone: Azeztulite will stimulate passion to help you claim your destiny


New Life

Affirmation: A fresh start empowers me to write the story that resonates with me.

Support stone: Rhodonite will provide grounding as you pursue what you love.



Affirmation: I recognize myself as worthy of receiving abundance from the universe.

Support stone: Green aventurine is seen as a stone of opportunity that attracts our deepest desires.



Affirmation: I clear away all that clouds my clarity in order to receive subtle messages from the universe.

Support stone: Black tourmaline provides protection and helps one decipher their intuition from other opinions or advice.



Affirmation: I reclaim my power from every source that seeks to extract it.

Support stone: Lapis lazuli will empower the throat chakra and improve self-confidence.


Past Life

Affirmation: I become curious about how my present path is influenced by previous events or lives.

Support stone: Black obsidian will guard your energy and provide direction on past life journeys.



Affirmation: Critical thinking provides me with discernment to distinguish feelings from facts.

Support stone: Girasol will clear mental clutter to help one recognize truth.

The original text was edited by Julianna Carbonare on June 1, 2021.

Author: Danielle Dorsey
About: Danielle Dorsey is a regular Chakrubs contributor who writes our monthly tarotscopes, new moon rituals, Chakrubs Current and edits most of Chakrubs editorial content. She is a freelance writer whose words have appeared in GirlBoss, LAist, Travel Noire, Lonely Planet, and more. Danielle has five years experience as a tarot reader and is a certified reiki master in Usui and Tibetan techniques. Danielle’s work centers around ancestral healing and helping those with marginalized identities achieve peace and wholeness. To check out Danielle’s writings visit and for more information about her tarot and reiki offerings visit