Welcome To The Freque.

On The Freque, we grant space to the perverse, the unusual, and even the obscene as we explore what it means to be human, to have a body, and to transcend. 

Chakrubs was founded on the at-the-time controversial idea that sex can inform our spirituality and healing. On The Freque, we intend to continue bridging seemingly opposing concepts that help us think outside the box. We are eager to explore an array of topics that range from spirituality to fashion, art, culture, and beyond. 

Articles should always be: 

  1. Concise (700-1,000 words) – Topics should be presented in a straight-forward manner with a clear takeaway. If you are recommending a practice, you should explain how and why it works in plain language. Rituals and how-to’s should be accessible. In general, we try to avoid directing our readers to purchase products other than our own. Be mindful of the fact that our audience is global and never assume that the reader shares your beliefs or is familiar with your practices.
  2. Helpful – Articles should always be helpful. Consider who will benefit from reading your article and how. 
  3. Unique – The Freque only publishes original content and we are interested in sharing perspectives that introduce us to innovative ways of thinking, healing, and being in the world. We encourage writers to think about not just why a topic is worth exploring, but why you are the right person to do it and what makes your viewpoint special. Don’t rely on regurgitated opinions and stay away from “woo woo” language.


Chakrubs products should always be referred to as “Chakrubs” and not as “wands.” If you are describing an experience with a yoni egg or other Chakrubs product, the name “Chakrubs” should always preface the product description, e.g. “Chakrubs Yoni Egg” “Chakrubs Root” or “Chakrubs Facial Roller.” 

Please be mindful of using inclusive and non-gendered language when applicable. This includes genitalia and reproductive systems. Try to stay away from binaristic language and ideas (e.g. “How To Balance Masculine and Feminine Energies”). If you have questions about this, just reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

Please be mindful of your identities and privilege when writing about different cultures or practices that you do not belong to. Consider what qualifies you to write about this topic (and please let us know in your pitch). If you decide to move forward, make sure that your piece is well-researched, citing books and experts who belong to the cultures or practices that you’re profiling. 

Once submitted, we expect a final version of your article that is ready to be published with minimal grammatical or spelling errors. We might make edits or changes to fit The Freque’s tone, but will reach out if major edits are necessary. We encourage you to send an Instagram caption if you have a preference, otherwise we will select an excerpt from your piece as a caption. 

What we cover: 

All content should fit into one of The Freque’s four categories: Frequent, Freak, Frequency, and IRL. 

In addition, each month (from one new moon to the next) we will explore a different theme on The Freque. Keep scrolling for information on upcoming themes.

Frequent: Relevant and cutting-edge

Culture – New traditions, art and thought forms, social practices, and current events that deserve our attention.

Mindfulness – Meditations, musings, and guidance revolving around awareness and being present.

Spotlight – Artists and creatives whose work we’re currently obsessed with. Feel free to submit photography, writing, illustrations, graphic design, collage, or other forms of art under this category.

Freak: Take us out of our comfort zone 

Body – Exploring our relationship to our bodies and what it means to have a body.

Chakrubs Products – Testimonials, tutorials, and informative articles about Chakrubs products.

Sex Education – Informational pieces that introduce readers to new ideas or practices around sexuality and relationships.

Tips & Tricks – Quick guides that introduce readers to accessible practices that enrich their spiritual and/or sexual lives.

Frequency: Tune us into something new

Crystal Healing – Various crystal healing practices.

Guides – Informational guides that encompass ancient deities, astrology placements, sexual practices and more.

Rituals – Accessible step-by-step ritual guides with a clear benefit and takeaway.

Sounds – This is where we post our curated monthly playlists and while it’s not open for submission, we may consider including music submissions on our playlists.

Wellness – Exploring what it means to be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well; trauma-informed pieces around healing and finding self-acceptance. 

IRL: What we’re doing and making offline

Chakrubs Art – Art inspired by Chakrubs, spirituality, sexuality, and more.

Editorials – Where we publish Chakrubs editorials and avant garde art that we’re obsessed with.

Events – Recaps on our parties, workshops, and pop-ups. We will consider submissions if you attended the event in question. 

Features – Chakrubs in the Press, Interviews with the Founder, and cameo appearances worth mentioning.

To get started, send us an email at submit2@thefreque.com with a short introduction, writing samples if available, along with your pitch. Your pitch should include a suggested title, a brief description of your idea, why you think it will appeal to Chakrubs / The Freque’s audience, and why you’re the person to write it.