da block

"I accept this world as my own, and I will accept every image I see. I will no longer feel bitter about not being able to have sex with art. I will look at this world with unconditional love. And when I see something outrageous or disturbing, I will see it as wonderful, and feel lucky I am witness and sibling to the strange madness of humans, and feel happy." - Vanessa Cuccia

The Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, is commonly represented across cultures as a moment in space to embrace abundance and beauty. For centuries this solstice has been marked as a time to celebrate the bounty springtime has gifted us and to fuel our... Read More
curved chakrub
There is a natural magnetism to Chakrubs, both in name and form, that many people find themselves drawn to. While the initial intent behind Chakrubs was to create a tool for healing through crystals and sacred pleasure, there are no limitations for the kind of relationship you choose to build... Read More
watercolor woman laying down with flowers
When the flow of energy is blocked in the throat chakra, we often feel at a loss for words or a chronic tightness in the throat area. As the chakra system runs vertically and is interconnected, any blockages in one chakra affect the rest.... Read More