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"I accept this world as my own, and I will accept every image I see. I will no longer feel bitter about not being able to have sex with art. I will look at this world with unconditional love. And when I see something outrageous or disturbing, I will see it as wonderful, and feel lucky I am witness and sibling to the strange madness of humans, and feel happy." - Vanessa Cuccia

In the fall of 2019, I started experiencing pelvic pain. Here’s what I would have told myself about the phrase and practice I was starting to hear about, ‘clearing my pelvic bowl’: You’re not going to be able to bulldoze yourself through this one,... Read More
Crystals are a wonderful tool to support you in your spiritual practice. A literal touchstone, crystals remind us of the love we carry within, they can help root us into the present moment and pull us away from destructive, spiraling thoughts. They also are... Read More
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The menstrual cycle is often thought of as a once a month event — distinguished as the week within the month in which you are bleeding and/or experiencing premenstrual symptoms. But the menstrual cycle is a month-long event that leads our bodies through incredible energies for growth and renewal. Some... Read More
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The Moon culminates in fullness every single month, going through her phases predictably since the beginning of time as we know it. Yet, the themes La Luna illuminates are mysterious until the very moment they’re felt, not unlike the “AHA!” moments creatives are hopeful... Read More
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When we orgasm, most of us only experience a fraction of the pleasure and sensation that our bodies are capable of receiving. By learning how to practice more intention and awareness around how orgasm builds and releases, your body can experience deeper, fuller sensations during climax. The definition of orgasm... Read More